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Thank you for your interest in conserving wildlife and wildlife habitat on the Sunshine Coast!  Please explore our web site to learn more about our research and stewardship activities, discover local species and habitats, and most importantly, find out how you can help maintain our precious natural heritage. We are currently updating our website so you may discover missing links or pages under construction.  Please be patient with us.

Volunteer Program

Even babies can help monitor wildlife!  Join our volunteer program and help us assess populations of local wildlife… read more

Landowner Stewardship Program

Watching wildlife is a delight!  Help to sustain populations of local species by joining our landowner program… read more

Wildlife Stewardship on the Sunshine Coast

Shoreline Naturalization Program

Want to Improve your Shoreline Property?

The Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project wants to help you!

The Sunshine Coast is blessed with abundant shorelines! We all delight in exploring and appreciating these magical spots where land and water meet along the shores of our the region's plentiful lakes, creeks, streams, wetlands and Pacific coastline.

If you are lucky enough to live along a shoreline, you are a vital caretaker for one of the most biologically productive, ecologically important habitats on the Sunshine Coast. Help improve your shoreline habitat by planting native plants along your shorelines. Native shoreline vegetation can help beautify your property, improve habitat for diverse wildlife species, prevent erosion, improve water quality and maintain the health of aquatic ecosystems.

The Wildlife Project is pleased to announce our new Sunshine Coast Shoreline Naturalization Program to assist landowners in naturalizing shorelines by providing technical and financial assistance, including: consultation, planning, purchasing of native plants and materials, site preparation and planting.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity... free plants, expertise, labour!

Improve your property while helping the wildlife and habitats of our region


The program is for Sunshine Coast residents, landowner groups, or conservation groups living in, or acting as stewards of, freshwater or marine waterfront properties. Eligible properties will be limited to those with existing shoreline damage or degradation, those with little to no native shoreline vegetation, or those with pollution and/or erosion problems.


For each land owner, the shoreline naturalization process will include the following steps:

Site Visit: Our shoreline advisory specialist will meet with you on your property for a free consultation to assess eligibility, take measurements and photographs of the shoreline, offer advice, and discuss how your needs can be merged with the concepts of shoreline naturalization and opportunities for habitat enhancement for specific wildlife species. Together we will discuss the best options for the property, including the types of native shrubs or trees to plant and where to plant them. During the site visits, we will discuss any potential concerns, including pathway access to the waterfront, and maintaining sight lines. We have a variety of shrubs, groundcovers, ferns, and vines that are low growing, so they won't block the beautiful view!

Site Plan: If you are eligible for the program and wish to proceed, based on the shoreline visit, we will develop and present a shoreline planting plan for your property that incorporates your land use needs with the principles of shoreline naturalization. customised planting plan including the photos from the site visit day, with a descriptive list of native shrubs and trees suitable for the soil and light conditions on their property.

Planting: Once you have approved the plan, planting will be scheduled for the spring of 2015. We will take care of ordering and delivering the native shrubs and trees, and carrying out all of the planting with the assistance of community volunteers. We will subsidize the project costs by 75%, and ask landowners contribute only the remaining 25% of the total costs. Included in the total project costs are: plants, soil, mulch, tree guards, delivery, shipping and handling of plant stock, and the planting plan.

Contact Us Today!

Interested landowners with waterfront properties on the Sunshine Coast are invited to participate in this program. We have funding in place to improve 10 properties in the spring of 2015. All properties will be selected before the end of February 2015. Sign up now to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

Please contact Dave at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 604-989-1007.

Thank You to our Amazing Partners!

Cogrossi Family

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The Cogrossi family, owners of the Ruby Lake Resort have spent years enhancing their property for all sorts of wildlife.  By working with the Wildlife Project to create new turtle nesting habitat, they have increased turtle nesting success and dramatically reduced road mortality on Highway 101 at Ruby Lake Lagoon.

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